Wisdom of Life


White Center Glass has been located at 9443 Delridge Way SW since we began in 1965.  Now, I don’t want to give you the impression that the soon to be mentioned people are the only employees who have ever worked here.  Far from it.  But, dang, some of us can hang in there.

Jack Strain started White Center Glass in 1965.  Sometime in 1968 he “acquired” Tom McLaughlin.  Tom was just a kid in those days but he was pretty much the “glass” guy (when he wasn’t doing mufflers).  Then ‘long about 1978, Bill Maas came over from an upholstery shop across the street and the “& Upholstery” was added.  Fern Falaschi hired on as a receptionist in 1993.

In 1996, Jack sold the business to Tom McLaughlin.  In 2004 Tom sold the business to Fern Falaschi.  Jack passed away a few years ago, but Tom, Bill and I are still here.  That’s 106 years experience, not only in the industry, but in this building.

Used to be everyone knew us or of us.  Now, as more and more new families and businesses move in we hear from people everyday “I’m glad I found you!”

We’re glad you found us as well!

The entire crew:

Fern Falaschi-  Owner/Operator and informally known as “The Queen Mother”  Formerly  “The Queen” . Now that I am in only 2 or 3 days a week, Tami is the “Queen in Residence”.    It’s my job to do payroll and boss people around    (I get to boss people around BECAUSE I do the payroll).

Tami Hanna – Tami is not only the Office Manager, she is the newly crowned “Queen in Residence”.  She appears to be warming to the role.  Tami has a huge amount of experience in the glass business and what she doesn’t know is about pool cleaning (or something else totally unrelated to glass, windows etc.)  Tami knows wholesale, retail, install and has created designs and slumped her own glass.  Talented gal.  She is such a show-off!

Karl Falaschi –  Royal Consort – That means he’s my husband and since he retired he comes to work with me every day and does all those things you couldn’t hire anyone to do. Which is OK, since I don’t pay him either.  Karl is also responsible for clock sales and repair and the miniature garage sale in the lobby.

Bill Maas    –       Upholsterer.        Bill does residential, auto and marine upholstery.  He also does the Stadium seats for First and Goal, Seahawks and Sounders.  Definitely knows his stuff-ing!

Tom McLaughlin- He’s still the “glass” guy.  Tom comes in an does all the in house glass cutting.  He’s really got a knack and fortunately he and Bill work in the same area so they can re-tell stories all day.lso responsible for the on-going mini garage sale in the lobby.

Alex Hernandez-  We had to steal Alex from Fresno, California.  He’s a glazing tech and  one of the guys you get lucky enough to have come to your home. Will work circles around almost all of us.

Brian Gonzalez-  Brian is also a glazing tech.  Good worker, knows his stuff and one heck of a nice guy.

Stacy Starr- Our newest acquisition.  (That’s not her formal title – I’m just sayin…).  Stacy is working in the office to help develop and implement new service and marketing strategies.  Besides her exceptional manner with people, she is a personal trainer which means we only eat nuts and berries in the office.